Stay nice and loose
Classic back massage relieves muscle tension.
starting from € 55.00
RoLigio® "On Light Foot"
Intensive foot and calf massage with RoLigio® oils of lavender and cypress. Supports the connective tissue, stimulates vein activity and thus ensures wonderfully light feet.
starting from € 55.00
RoLigio® "Everything will be fine"
Well-trained therapists use their hands and RoLigio® oils like highly sensitive instruments to effectively restore limited joint mobility and relieve pain.
starting from € 60.00
RoLigio® healing power of wild herbs
Healing full body massage with seven essential RoLigio® oils detoxifies, stimulates self-healing powers, strengthens the immune system, regenerates the entire organism and gives new strength. A rediscovery of the natural antibiotic! With a small surprise and a refreshing drink to strengthen your health.
€ 109.00
RoLigio® sports massage
A special strong massage with targeted grip techniques and RoLigio® oil marjoram to relax the stressed muscles after sports activities. Relieves tension and helps the muscles to regenerate more quickly. Duration approx. 50 min.
50 Min
€ 99.00
RoLigio® pine massage
During a foot massage, a warm pine cushion on the chest provides mental relaxation. As long as you enjoy the soothing effect of the pillow, you will experience a full body massage with RoLigio® pine oil and grip techniques to stretch the fasciae. This stimulates the self-healing powers and promotes healthy sleep. We give you the Swiss stone pine pillow as a gift for your home. Duration approx. 50 min.
50 Min
€ 99.00
Time out in warm sand bed
While you lie embedded in the pleasantly warm quartz sand, your muscles relax to the core. This affects the whole organism, relieves nervousness and inner restlessness. Duration approx. 25 min.
25 Min
€ 39.00